The urban areas of the Pacific Northwest are moving away from automobile dependence, but there are still many areas within our region’s Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) that are dependent on the automobile. This design competition seeks proposals for prototypical “microneighborhoods” that can be seeded through the region to improve walkability in these underserved areas. 

This competition is part of Seattle AIA’s Urban Design Forum’s 2020 theme of “Seattle:2100”, which explores the long-term implications of many issues we face today. As part of this long-range approach, we are also asking competitors to explore how their design proposals will evolve over the next eighty years, in twenty-year increments. 

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Participants were be recognized in the following ways:

  • Win one of three awards: Best Overall Design, Most Daring, and Most Practical.
  • Display of notable entries in digital format
  • Competition entries will be published via a digital book of notable competition entries that can continue to inspire the future of our region for generations to come.


The intent of this competition is to award cash prizes. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sponsorship for prizes is ongoing and will be announced before the submission deadline.

In addition, competition entries will be promoted via the Urban Land Institute, Arcade Magazine, and other publications to be announced.

Best Overall Design
highest overall design quality
Most Daring
poses the most interesting questions
Most Practical
most likely to become reality


Competition winners announced

After discussion and deliberation, the jury has selected the following winners for this design competition: Best Overall: Mill Creek, Alex Boardwine Most Practical: Pop-Up to Permanent, Yes Architecture Most Daring: Living Lanes Master Plan, Andrew Blumm, Alison Iwashita Congratulations to the winners! It was a challenging decision process with many interesting proposals. We thank allContinue reading “Competition winners announced”

“Best Overall” winner: Mill Creek

Designer: Alex Boardwine Images Abstract As fleeing urbanites leave the city for quarantine, and single family home sales have skyrocketed, a renewed interest in the suburbs has occurred. This trend has the potential to increase our reliance on automobiles and continue to normalize unsustainable aspects of suburban life. With this consequence in mind, designers andContinue reading ““Best Overall” winner: Mill Creek”

“Most Practical” winner: Pop-up to Permanent

Design team: Yes Architecture Images Abstract Improve walkability and promote sustainable development in Rainier Beach Skyway through short term and long term initiatives.  Short term solutions aim to provide essential services and establish the framework for growing a walkable neighborhood. Essential services, like libraries, groceries and pharmacies may be provided at mobile kiosks, like foodContinue reading ““Most Practical” winner: Pop-up to Permanent”

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